Jennifer Crow, 20, Australian animation student and freelance illustrator.

I sometimes sell at conventions and it's fun!

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My first sketchbook collection is now available on Gumroad! It’s a 20-page PDF featuring original work as well as fanart for things like KILL la KILL, Sailor Moon, and Pokemon for $5 :)

Here’s a link to my Gumroad!

inkkdrop asked: Helllooo~~ I just wanted to say I bought some of your artwork at Melnova on Sunday and I absolutely LOVE it, you are an amazing artist, thank you!! (✪ฺ艸✪ฺ)

Thank you so much! :) I’m glad you like it!!

Hi guys! I’ll be exhibiting with Corncobs (Conor Pirie) in the Artist Alley at Supanova Melbourne this weekend at table A015! I’ll be selling the same prints I had at Manifest 2013, as well as a bunch of new prints, which I’ll add to my Storenvy in a few weeks. I hope to see you there :)

an animation exercise for class 0:

I’m considering printing only like… 2 or 3 copies of a zine I could make filled with the best sketches from my recent sketchbooks and seeing if they sell at Supanova. :u Most of my sketches are fanart anyway haha. Worth a shot?? Depending on how much they cost to make they’d probably be $5-$10. I could do preorders too if people were interested, actually :>

I always wanted Delphox to be a more witchy or magical girl Braixen…

Drew a friend of mine :)

Some D&D sketches 0:

Trying to draw more freely and loosely without worrying about my art so much..

Ryuuko and Mako!!

Am assortment of sketches from my sketchbook :>

I wish I had a scanner haha…

Don’t lose your way!

repost because i worked out how to fix gross photo lighting

without a leg to stand on

Hi! I just got back from a big uni-supply shopping spree, so I thought I’d show off what I’ll be taking to uni every day as a second-year Bachelor of Fine Arts (animation) student at the Victorian College of the Arts!

Please note that all of this is, of course, just what I take to uni, so it’s tailored to my habits, chosen media/mediums, course, uni, etc.! I just found that looking at what other Fine Arts students would take before I started uni helped calm my nerves about what to expect, so I hope this does for other scared first years! :)

This also doesn’t count what I take for my elective, since that can be heaps different depending on the class.

A: These are the two bags I own, so I’d choose either my backpack or shoulder bag depending on my outfit and how much I need to take for the day.

B: My headphones! You NEED these if you want to listen to any sounds at all ever at your work station, whether it’s work related or you just want to listen to your iPod while you draw. That’s not to say that our uni computers are incapable of playing sounds without headphones, but that gets super annoying for everyone else in the room really fast…

C: My 3DS XL, haha. For breaks from working, playing during lunch, and because a bunch of my classmates and I play things like Pokemon and Animal Crossing together sometimes :) All work and no play makes Jen a dull girl.

D: My Tinkerbell watch. Makes checking the time in a lecture a lot less rude than if you were to check it on your phone ;) And super handy if your phone dies before you finish classes!

E: My USB. I don’t actually use it a lot unless I need to print stuff, but it’s good to have on me at all times in case I need it unexpectedly! When I have a huge day of animating ahead of me, I also like to take some TV shows or a podcast to watch/listen to while I draw.

F: A 2014 planner/diary, for keeping track of your due dates and/or work schedule.

G: A5 lined notebook. A lot of our lectures are more about people in the film/animation industry talking about their personal experiences, and we usually get handouts on how to use programs or about our assignments, so I don’t need to take notes in classes very often. This is really for jotting down ideas for my animations whenever inspiration strikes, hence the handy A5 size, but I also just like A5-sized notebooks because they’re so much more compact and less intimidating! ALTHOUGH, last year we got given a small A5 book that we had to fill cover to cover with ideas and drawings related to our film and script-writing assignment, so I may not even really need this at all. But yeah, if you’re doing my course, you won’t need more than one writing book for notes, if at all, so don’t go crazy on the lined notebooks!

H: My Melbourne Uni tin water bottle, free from O-Week. The water from the tap in the animation studio tastes awful for some reason, so this is definitely really handy.

I: A4 binder. Last year, I had a much thinner A4 ring binder which was super great for keeping all of my film’s production documents together. Now that I’m making two short films this year, I got a bigger binder so I don’t have to toss out my last film’s production documents (I’m a hoarder they’ll be good for future reference!) and so I can keep both of this year’s films’ production documents all together, with a separator between them.

J: A cute little retro milk bottle styled vase, so I can occasionally keep some small flowers on my desk. I find that I’m much happier working in a pretty workspace, so it keeps my morale up when I’m there during crunch time (when I’m animating 9am-8pm almost every day), and it keeps me inspired!

K: A4 paper folder, for alllll those handouts.

L: My wallet! Those coffees aren’t going to buy themselves.

M: A5 visual diary, for all of my sketches, uni related or not. As I touched on before, I just love how easy it is to carry around A5-sized sketchbooks and notepads, since I draw pretty small anyway and it’s not hard for me to take it out on a train or tram. My sketchbook is also wearing a cute cover made by my friends at Button Fox :)

N: My trusty Kyuubey mug. I leave this at uni so I can make my own herbal tea whenever I want while I work :)

O: My pencil case, for the smaller art supplies it can fit!

P: Art supplies! You’ll want scissors, glue, and a stapler, in case you need them, and then whatever you like making art with! I take my small batch of Copic markers, my Copic brush stroke and 0.35 multiliners, my Jovi eraser (I seriously love these erasers SO MUCH), my pencil sharpener, my tin of Staedtler greylead pencils, and a blue pencil (specifically for drawing guidelines when animating or drawing on paper).

Not pictured: My house key, my thermos (for when I occasionally want a homemade hot drink on the tram to uni and don’t want to spend money buying one), and my phone and phone charger!!

ALSO RECOMMENDED: a big external harddrive, which I personally don’t have, but wish I did, since, when I wanted to back up just my short film files last year, they took up over 20GB… I might also need to get a manila folder or two specifically for holding animation cels and bond paper in case I do traditional animation and need a place to put all those drawings!

trying to decide what to wear to a Pokemon tournament tomorrow… i’m going to be running a mono fairy team so i want to dress to the theme! and i’d be colouring my eyebrows in with pink lipliner and wearing fake pink eyelashes uvu

the dress has a floral print eh